Because the apparel we create is made to be fun, what better way than to kick off our first blog post than by comparing famous rappers to social media sites? Just like our caption shirts, rappers always seem to be making a statement. And just like rappers, our hip-hop caption shirts seem to be quickly going viral on the social front.

So if rappers were social media apps themselves, which ones would they be?

Kanye West as Facebook

"No one man should have all that power."

Said best by Kanye himself, both he and Facebook seem to have a pretty limitless amount of power in their respective industries. No matter how much you try to get away from either, both seem to be impossible to leave. Remember that friend that claimed he was going to deactivate his Facebook like 12 times? Yep, he’s the one likely listening to 808s & Heartbreaks on repeat.

"Like" them or hate them, both powerhouses aren't going away soon. If ever.

May Yeezus bless our souls.


J Cole as Pinterest

If there's one thing that everyone can appreciate, it's a celebrity that doesn't try and shove the fact that they're famous in your face.

As a master of the rap game, J. Cole has all the right too. Fortunately, he's also mastered the art of getting his concerts "sold out" without being a "sell out." In the same regard, Pinterest is a leader in the social media game but continues to fly under the radar. Both promote their content without being annoying, write their words with purposeful meaning, and display a unique form of artistry that leads to an awesome user experience.

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DJ Khaled as LinkedIn

"You smart. You loyal. You're grateful."

Whether it be part of DJ K's motivational Snapchats or your home feed on LinkedIn, both seem to have an overwhelming amount of material to make you feel like you're one sophisticated human being.

“Matter of fact, you a genius.”

Sometimes annoying, but more often reassuring, both business minded entities sure do know how to stay persistent and build a dedicated audience. Then again, "dedication" is one of the Keys to Success.

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Future as Vine

This is the perfect match for countless reasons. Not only do Future's lyrics seem to be repetitive and "looped" (see lyrics for "Where Ya At," "Move That Dope," and just about every single other one of his songs) but his songs are also fire, so they stay on repeat.

Just like the viral clips on Vine, Future's hits never seems to get old even if we are playing them over and over again. No matter how many times you've watched a Vine clip or listened to a Future song, you’ll always find yourself sharing them with your friends and continuing to be entertained by every second of them.

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Tyler, the Creator as Yik Yak

You may be asking yourself “Who is Tyler, the Creator, and what is Yik Yak?” And that is the exact reason they're tied together.

The first is a rapper that seems to always pop up in the headlines with a controversial quote (whether it be about Iggy Azela, Buzzfeed, or Donald Trump), yet no one still really knows who he is.

Yik Yak is similarly mysterious: The rapidly growing social media forum allows users to anonymously post comments and is sometimes funny, sometimes inspiring, and sometimes controversial.

At the end of the day, does anyone actually keep up with the either of the two? Who knows.


Kendrick Lamar as Instagram

This one's a no-brainer. Both seem to be the realest thing left in their respective industries. Fans appreciate the combination of their stripped down authentic interface backed by an elaborate and meaningful depiction of art.

Whether harmonically or aesthetically, both entities captivate audiences by providing them with content that makes them feel something distinctive inside. No matter how much the fake rappers or fake followers seem to get in the way, both have stayed persistent and remain true to how they originated.

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Fetty Wap as Snapchat

DISCLAIMER: Since Snapchat gives users a limited view of a snap, the correlation between it and Fetty has nothing to do with his eye.

It's more or less because both Fetty and Snapchat seem to be the next biggest thing.

Just like a snap, Fetty's songs are entertaining and make people long for more of them. They both seem to contain a unique and creative quality about them that gives you something slightly different yet better every time.

Not far from their start dates, both seem to be quickly on the rise to the top and are starting to become household names.


Macklemore as Google+

Both of these things seemed new and cool at their start, but now they just seem to be "there."

Whether it be a Google+ profile or a Macklemore song on an iPod, it seems like everybody has one, so prevalence certainly isn't an issue.

That being said, prevalence doesn't necessarily mean people are passionate about either.

They kind of just linger there and get skipped over rather than utilized. Almost like the clothes you never wear, but continue to keep in your closet. In fact, it's probably time they get taken to the “Thrift Shop”.

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Lil Wayne as Twitter

"Gone but not forgotten."

Said best by his own lyrics, Weezy F Baby describes the trend of both himself and Twitter in their current state. While neither is even remotely close to "gone," they are both starting to slowly fade away from their once established empires. Twitter reportedly lost 2 million users in the last 3 months of 2015, and Lil Wayne seems to be vanishing from the top of the rap game. As both were front runners for a nearly endless period of time, they will certainly never be forgotten, but unless something changes, "gone" might be here before we know it.

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Young Thug as StumbleUpon

People love Thug and Stumble for two reasons:

  1. They get something completely out of the ordinary, and
  2. They never know what is going to come next.

Both provide interesting material that deviates far the norm. Just like StumbleUpon's awesome randomness, Young Thug's melodies contain unexpected squeals and intricate vocal twists that leave people in awe.

While they may have been a little odd and confusing at first, both have generated a huge following by revolutionizing the standard formula used in web surfing and hip hop.

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Chamillionaire as MySpace

This duo has early to mid-2000s written all over it.

As both seemed like the hottest thing at the time, they are both seemingly nowhere to be found in this day and age.

Just like when you first found out about MySpace, Chamillionaire's hit "Ridin'" likely became something you couldn't get enough of... until it got played by every radio station 10 trillion times.

In the same sense, MySpace became something people got tired of almost as quickly as it grew to its popular stage. Although both sounded promising at the time, they both seemed disappear almost overnight.

Even with the attempted bounce backs, neither of the two have ever been able to reclaim the position they were once in. Don't worry though, Cha-Mill is reportedly worth $15 Million and Tom reportedly sold MySpace for $580 Million.

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Drake as Tinder

Could there be a more perfect fit to end our list?

Whether it's a recently single 20-something year old swiping right like it's their job, or a 29 year old rapper from the 6, both seem to freely wear their emotions on their sleeve. And by no means is that a bad thing.

Without these two, the world wouldn't be able to experience the funny and smooth Tinder pickup lines or the clever rap lyrics created by our boy Drizzy.

To go along with that note, no one that has gotten made fun of for using Tinder seems to delete the app, and no one that has ever taken a shot at Drake has ever stopped him from reigning king, cough-cough Meek Mill.

So keep it up, non-Tinder using single people and rappers who wish they were Champagnepapi.

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