Chicago Youth

The students who live in Chicago's most plighted communities united to become entrepreneurs, learn ecommerce, and fund their progression, as well as the progression and betterment of their communities.

Kanyla's 'Pretty Afro Girl' Hoodie

Kanyla, 12

My design has words that inspire me everyday: joy, play, soul, love. My plan is to sell lots of shirts and save up for college

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Amir, 13

My shirt is a tiger. It represents being free and strong free to do anything you put your mind to, and be strong through it

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Torvay, 18

I like to play basketball and football. I'm going to use the money I earn from my shirt sales to pay for college. I came up with a space design because I just feel like I need more space in this world to be myself. I want to be able to live without feeling like I can't go places or do things because of the color of my skin.

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Jeffery, 19

I am a social entrepreneur and I want to start a business that would help me make money so that when I get older I can pay for college. I can also help my mother when she needs to pay the bills. My design is called Born Sinner. We all have sinned before. If there is something weighing down on your heart, pray and ask for forgiveness

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Randy Durr, 16

What's up my name is Randy Durr. I am from the southside of Chicago and I'm 16 years of age. I have 2 baby sisters and I'm the only boy. I am a very hard working person and will do what I can to make sure my future is great. My shirt means never be disloyal to someone who helps you. I ask for all of you guys support to help me get my design out there. Thank you.

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Amari Smith, 16

My name is Amari. You guys should check out my design because I worked really hard for this. I am a big fan of superman and I love girls. I wish I could fly like him and save people that need help. When I was a little baby I had a stroke and its difficult for me to use my left arm and leg. I'm going to use the money from my shirt sales to pay for physical therapy and college.

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About Rise Collection

the black ecosystem

Rise Collection is the first e-commerce store in the Nation created to help stop violence through Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment. This store is ran by teenagers from Chicago's most plighted communities. They decided to unite to become Entrepreneurs instead of becoming another statistic. By purchasing their designs you are supporting to help them meet their basic needs as well as pay for their educational and life goals.